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Important Date
ABAC Meeting
December 5, 2022 | 12:30 PM
School Board Administration Building (SBAB) Auditorium
Audit and Budget Advisory Committee (ABAC)
The general purpose of the ABAC is to review and make recommendations to the School Board and Superintendent on fiscal management matters presented to the committee. The ABAC shall serve as the principal advisory committee to assist the Board in fulfilling its fiduciary responsibilities on budgeting, financial reporting and accounting, and business policies and practices. The ABAC is the Board's principal agent in ensuring the independence of the District's external and internal auditors.
Office of Management and Compliance Audits (OMCA)
The OMCA reports to the School Board through the Chief Auditor. Due to the integral work of the ABAC and the OMCA, all information related to both bodies are reported on this website.
The mission of the Office of Management and Compliance Audits is to provide an independent appraisal activity as a service to the School Board through the Audit and Budget Advisory Committee. Through the internal audit process, our office assists management in maintaining an internal control environment that is conducive to safeguarding and preserving the school system's assets and resources, improving the general effectiveness of its operations, and assuring compliance with applicable laws, policies and procedures.

We strive to be among the best internal audit departments in the State, recognized by our customers and our peers for innovation, the integrity of our audit work, and the quality of our reports. We are committed to promoting teamwork in a diverse workforce, and encouraging the personal and professional growth of our staff.

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