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ALL ADMINISTRATIVE OFFICES: ITS - NEW BlueZone Mainframe Emulation Software Rollout




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The purpose of this briefing is to alert all administrative offices to the rollout of new mainframe emulation software, BlueZone, which is replacing Winsurf.

  • The District's current mainframe emulation software (Winsurf) is going out of support and will be replaced by BlueZone.
  • Beginning June 3, 2019, District offices will begin using the new software, with the intention of migrating all schools in the fall.
  • The application has been tested by ITS and multiple District offices.
  • The BlueZone user interface looks much like Winsurf, and no training is necessary prior to migrating to the new software.
  • Access BlueZone from the Apps|Services|Sites page in the Portal (not from the Intranet).
    • Log into the BlueZone application using your 12-character Dadeschools (network) password.
    • Double-click on the terminal and printer icons to launch the sessions.
    • Sign in to the mainframe session using your 8-character password.
    • You will have the same terminal and printer IDs in BlueZone as you currently have in Winsurf.  
  • To implement BlueZone, please submit a HEAT ticket at so that a technician can download and install the software for you. 



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