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ALL EMPLOYEES: ITS Cybersecurity Alert – Securing Sensitive Data




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The purpose of this briefing is to highlight the importance of properly securing sensitive data.

M-DCPS employees should be aware of the importance of safeguarding sensitive data in electronic form in order to prevent unintentional exposure.

  • Sensitive data is defined as any data that should be viewed only by authorized personnel and for business purposes.
  • Pursuant to Florida Statute §501.171 and Board Policy 8351, the District will take reasonable measures to protect and secure data containing sensitive information in electronic form.
  • “Data in electronic form” means any data stored electronically or digitally on any District or third party agent computer system or other database and includes mass storage devices.
  • Owners and custodians of potentially sensitive data should ensure that due diligence is followed in protecting this information. Shared and public storage locations may be inappropriate repositories for this type of information.
  • Individuals responsible for possessing or storing sensitive data should periodically ensure that the appropriate security measures are in place to protect the data, and that the data is stored or transmitted in an appropriate manner consistent with District standards.
  • This includes information stored on department or site-based shares, web servers, cloud providers, local/shared computers, removable storage (thumbdrives), etc.
  • If an employee becomes aware of an incident in which sensitive electronic data may have been exposed, the incident should be reported to ITS at:


HEAT ( )


Information Technology Services