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Purpose of this briefing is to introduce the new procedure for managing system access for contractors and consultants.

·         In an effort to ensure the appropriateness of system access for contractor accounts, ITS will programmatically disable all contractor accounts on February 12, 2016.  

o   The phrase “contractor accounts” refers to anyone (contractor, consultant, intern, vendor support personnel, etc.) using M-DCPS network resources via an ITS issued user ID falling outside of the user accounts created programmatically for employees; contractor user IDs generally begin with 91xxxx.  

·         These contractor accounts will remain disabled until such time that an explicit request to restore access is received by ITS.   

·         Requests to review, retain or restore access should be submitted to ITS Data Security via HEAT.

·         Access for the requested users will be restored for a period not to exceed six-months or the length of the engagement, whichever comes first.

·         Upon account expiration, a subsequent request to re-instate/extend access must be submitted via HEAT Ticket.

o   The extension request will also be subject to the six-month/length of engagement limitation(s).

·         In order to expedite the re-enabling of these accounts, please create a HEAT Ticket and include the following information in the incident description:

o   ATTN: ITS Data Security

o   Subject: “Non-employee network access reinstatement.”

o   In addition, requesting locations should specify the following information in the HEAT ticket:

·         Individual’s name

·         Contractor ID

·         Supervisor name

·         Length of engagement, and

·         Specific access required.


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