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Audit and Budget Advisory Committee
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The School Board’s ABAC announces a IN-PERSON/VIRTUAL MEETING on July 20, 2021, at 12:30 p.m. at the SBAB Auditorium/VIA ZOOM.
To consider approval of minutes, audit reports and other pertinent matters that are to be discussed by the ABAC for recommendation and transmittal to the School Board.

This Meeting conducted by members of the Audit and Budget Advisory Committee and facilitated by the Chief Auditor from the Office of Management and Compliance Audits (OMCA), is pursuant to the procedures delineated in Board Policy 6840 - Audit and Budget Advisory Committee, and is provided in-person as well as virtually in accordance with Board Policy 9140e - Board Advisory Committee Meetings During Declared Covid-19 Emergency. Effective November 18, 2020, this emergency policy includes the following provisions:  permitting the Advisory Committee meetings to be held through communications media technology as long as there is a physical quorum present, and requiring that adequate notice of the meeting, including that a means for the public to access and participate in the meeting, be provided. This policy also allows that, once a physical quorum is established, other Committee members, Board members and staff may participate virtually. Pursuant to Board action on April 21, 2021, this emergency policy will be in effect for an additional ninety (90) days.

The public may also participate in-person by attending the School Board Administration Building's Auditorium, 1450 NE 2nd Avenue, Miami, FL 33128 or watch live stream.

In-Person Attendance: In accordance with the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) guidelines, each person will be required to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth (individuals are responsible for providing their own facial covering) and remain at least six (6) feet from other attendees upon arrival as they enter the School Board Administration Building and until his/her departure. Individuals who fail to adhere to these guidelines may be required to leave the premises.

An agenda will be available no later than Thursday, July 15, 2021.

Please see links below to various meeting resources.


ABAC Agenda: Complete meeting agenda with links to supporting documentation and reports.

Closed Captioned Simulcast: Live audio and video simulcast of the ABAC meeting with closed captioning which is available to the public.

Important: Please note that the live Simulcast of the ABAC meeting can only be accessed via the link established below for that purpose.

Google Chrome: As a panelist or attendee, ZOOM recommends that you utilize Google's CHROME internet browser on the device you plan to use for participation in the remote ABAC meeting.

District ZOOM Portal: MDCPS' portal to ZOOM resources. For those participating virtually, you must register a valid email address with ZOOM prior to participating in the meeting.

Contact US: Click to obtain contact information and phone number to the OMCA.


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If you have difficulty accessing the ‘live’ meeting, please contact us.

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