Briefing ID #: 8376

Information Technology & Data Security

Audience:  All Principals/APs, Microsystems Technicians
Due Date: n/a
Meeting Date: n/a

The security of student, business, and personnel data, as well as having reliable access to that data is critical to the smooth operation of your school. It is recommended that you ensure the following best practices and district policies are adhered to:

·          Servers, switches, routers, etc., are physically secure (locked room with limited access, protection from the elements, free of risks from leaks, moisture, etc.).

·          A member of your staff has been identified to coordinate software licensing and documentation.

·          Critical data should be backed-up routinely. (The District has created an online portal (SharePoint) for all employees which can be used for this purpose.)

·          The Principal has directed all staff to review the MDCPS Network Security Standards.

·          All wireless access points must be approved by the Principal and installed by a technician.

·          RACF authorizations must be reviewed monthly for appropriate access (please see Weekly Briefings # 7784, 4483, 3383, 3177, and 1120 for further information):

o         RSTR      (Payroll Approval)

o         PARS     (Payroll Preparation)

o         WGBM   (Electronic Grade Book Manager)

o         WGBA    (Electronic Grade Book Attendance Manager)

o         ISIS-ACAD GRD/TRACE UPD (Grades Update in CICS)

Any of the above items are subject to review and may be incorporated into your annual school site audit.

Contact: Cynthia Gracia, Administrative Director ( 305-995-1891 )
Department: School Operations