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ALL EMPLOYEES: ITS - New Revision of the M-DCPS Network Security Standards

Audience:  All Employees
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On October 24, 2008, the Superintendent released the latest revision of the Network Security Standards. This revision supersedes the previous version, released in 2005.

  • This document provides the standards which all District computer users must follow when utilizing any part of the M-DCPS computer system.
  • The Standards are now organized into sections that group similar items for greater clarity and ease of use.
  • The Superintendent's cover memo highlights some of the technical changes. These changes include the following:
    • Computers with older operating Windows Operating Systems are prohibited from being connected to the network because of the security threat they pose.
    • A section that limits how many staff members can have access to specific, sensitive authorizations has been added.
    • Confidential data kept on laptops, jump drives, and other removable media must be encrypted in case the device is lost or stolen.
    • Apple iPhones can be connected as long as the device has the latest firmware version (2.0 or higher) and specific settings are implemented.
    • The requirements for the District's new Power Management initiative to cut costs are included.
    • A link to the Office of Management and Compliance Audits' Web page is provided.
    • Links within the document have been updated to reflect the latest Board rules that relate to computer policy.
  • Site supervisors should review this document with their technician(s). In addition, sections 5.0 Staff Security Responsibilities and 5.1 User-ids and Passwords, contain information that all District users should know. Site supervisors should make this information available to their staff.
  • The Network Security Standards can be found at:
  • Should you have any questions regarding this document, an ITS representative will be happy to call and assist. Just fill out and submit a HEAT Self Service ticket at;

Contact: Support Services ( 305-995-3705 )
Department: Information Technology Services