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All Principals/APs: RACF Security Authorizations

Audience:  All Principals/APs
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It is the responsibility of all RACF authorizing (AAAA) administrators to ensure that access to CICS and Web applications are given carefully and include only those authorizations required by staff to do their job.

The Authorized Applications for Employees by Locations report

(Product #T0802E0101):

  • Is available to AAAA administrators through Control-D Web Viewer
  • Is now produced monthly
  • Must be reviewed monthly for proper authorizations, printed, signed, and kept on file for audit purposes
  • 5 new pages have been added to the end of the report for quick identification of who on your staff has:

    • RSTR    (Payroll Approval)
    • PARS    (Payroll Preparation)
    • WGBM (Electronic Grade Book Manager)
    • WGBA  (Electronic Grade Book Attendance Manager)
    • ISIS-ACAD GRD/TRACE UPD (Grades Update in CICS)
To view specific steps on how to access this report in Control-D, see

Contact: Luis Baluja ( (305) 995-7575 )
Department: Office of Management and Compliance Audits