Briefing ID #: 4287

ALL LOCATIONS: ITS - PC Power Management Policy

Audience:  All Principals/APs, All Administrative Offices
Due Date: n/a
Meeting Date: n/a

The School Board has authorized the use of technology to reduce the energy costs related to running the District's computers.

  • As a result, the District is leveraging existing technology to remotely manage the approximately 120,000 computers for critical security updates, patches, antivirus, and power management.
  • ITS is currently customizing the shutdown schedule to maximize cost avoidance.
    •  However, some sites have software installed on the PCs that inhibit the updates and configuration changes in power management.
    • Conservatively, PCs not getting the updates pushed by ITS is costing the District more than $173,617.94 a year.
  • Therefore, it is mandated that all software that restricts, prevents or inhibits updates sent by ITS, including, but not limited to Deep Freeze, Fortress, Clean Slate, HD Guard and others of this type, must be completely uninstalled no later than July 11, 2008. Furthermore, local power management settings on PCs should not be altered except by ITS.
  • Please Submit any questions via Self Service at:

Contact: Support Services ( 305-995-3705 )
Department: Information Technology Services