Briefing ID #: 4244

ALL PRINCIPALS/APS/MSTS: ITS - Compliance Requirements for Apple Computers

Audience:  All Principals/APs, Microsystems Technicians
Due Date: n/a
Meeting Date: n/a

The purpose of this briefing is to advise all locations of the compliance requirements for Apple computers with Operating Systems OS X and above used in Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS).

  • The domain migration to the Dadeschools domain was completed in August 2007 and included all Windows computers and servers.
  • This notice is a reminder that all Apple computers with OS X and above must be joined (bound) to the Dadeschools domain. Furthermore, in order to comply with the District's standards, all Apple computers with OS X and above must also have BigFix and Sophos anitivirus installed.
  • For your convenience, links for specific versions of Sophos and BigFix for Apple computers are listed below as well as instructions for binding Apple Computers to
  • Compliance of these requirements must be completed before the beginning of the 2008 summer school session. If there are technical questions concerning Sophos or BigFix, the site technician should request assistance by creating a HEAT Self Service incident to Network Support at and list the ITS Contact as Network Services. A representative from Network Services will respond and provide the requested assistance.
  • Assistance in binding the Apple computer to is available on the Web page mentioned above.

Contact: Support Services ( 305-995-3705 )
Department: Information Technology Services