Briefing ID #: 3177

ALL LOCATIONS: ITS - RACF Security Authorizations Reminder

Audience:  All Principals/APs, Adult/Community School Principals, All Administrative Offices
Due Date: n/a
Meeting Date: n/a

It is the responsibility of all RACF authorizing (AAAA) administrators to ensure access to CICS and Web applications is given carefully and includes only those authorizations required by staff to do their job.

  • This includes ISIS, PERS, MSAF and any system containing sensitive and/or confidential data.
  • Staff should only be given update capabilities when they have a need to modify information and inquiry (read only)  access if they have a need to view information.
  • If staff views or modifies information that is inappropriate for their function, they may be in violation of the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) as well as the M-DCPS Network Security Standards.
  • Temporary access given during times of need should be rescinded once the need has past.
  • You must check your staff's authorizations by looking at the RACF Quarterly Report. This report is available on the Intranet via Control-D Web Report Viewer, which requires RACF authorization WRPT.
  • Use the viewer's filter to limit the reports to the RACF listings by entering T0802E0101 into the product number field. Once the list is displayed, click on the report with the most recent date. A PDF file of the report will open in a separate window. Instructions for using the Control-D Web Viewer are available at
  • Your cooperation with this effort is necessary to ensure the privacy and integrity of the District's data.
  • Please submit any questions via Self Service at: Select Other Services from the drop-down list.

Contact: Support Services ( 305-995-3705 )
Department: Information Technology Services