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ALL PRINCIPALS/ASSISTANT PRINCIPALS: Appropriate Utilization of School-based Technicians

Audience:  All Principals/APs, Microsystems Technicians
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To clarify the duties and responsibility of Microsystems Technicians and Computer Technicians, collectively known as “School-based Technicians" (SBT):

School Based Technicians (SBTs) are charged with the technical work involved in the installation, set-up, operation and maintenance of computers, computerized equipment, workstations, peripheral equipment and software within the schools.   An issue of concern has occurred whereby some of the SBTs have been asked to assume responsibilities within their schools that are not part of their job description.

SBTs serving as Gradebook Manager have been one area of great concern.  Designated Gradebook Managers handle sensitive student information and is a role that is generally assigned to a teacher or counselor.  SBTs are not to have access to grading under any circumstance.  While SBTs are critical links in ensuring access to the gradebook application, their duties and responsibilities are limited to the hardware associated with this application. 

Other areas where SBTs are being requested to complete inappropriate tasks include:

·        Creating or updating school web-sites,

·        Providing telephone system support and

·        Developing databases, PowerPoint presentations or Excel spreadsheets.

Many times, there is a fine line for determining whether or not an issue is appropriate for the SBT to address.  All schools and SBTs are being directed to utilize ITS Self Service Site (HEAT) located at  to initiate all requests for technical support, even when this may be addressed by the school SBT.  This will allow seamless support to schools when requests are made for issues such as telephone support and updating websites.  This will also enable ITS to aggregate data to support the use of technical resources.

Again, the duties of school SBT’s are confined to the accessing of software (not application) and hardware.  Schools that inappropriately use their SBTs may not accrue the data to support their allocation.

Contact: Kathleen Caballero ( 305) 995-1891 )
Department: School Operations