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ALL PRINCIPALS/APs: Migration to Dadeschools Domain

Audience:  All Principals/APs, Microsystems Technicians
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To advise all school locations on the importance of completing the school site migration to

A recent audit of the Miami-Dade County Public Schools (MDCPS) district network by the E&Y auditing firm has recommended that all school site computers (not currently in the Dadeschools.Net domain) be migrated to the new Dadeschools.Net domain as quickly as possible.  This recommendation was made in order to increase the overall security posture of Miami-Dade County Public School’s network and applications.  One of the security risks identified by the E&Y audit was that computers in existing school site workgroups and school site domains are not as secure

The migration of all computers and servers into the domain has been an ongoing goal for the district.  Besides the benefit of reducing overall cost of ownership to the district, having every computer and server on the MDCPS network in one domain will significantly reduce vulnerabilities identified in the audit.

In addition, the Office of Information Technology Services (ITS) in conjunction with Microsoft is developing a new MDCPS District Portal technology that will provide new and exciting services to teachers, students, parents and MDCPS employees alike.  Access to this new portal technology will be greatly facilitated by MDCPS school site computers being migrated to Dadeschools.Net.


In order to comply with the E&Y audit finding, it is mandated that all school sites not yet migrated to Dadeschools.Net take immediate action to do so by August 20, 2007.  Please remember, ITS resources are limited. If a school chooses to wait until the summer to begin their migration, adequate resources may not be available.  In order to begin the migration to Dadeschools.Net or ask questions regarding this directive please contact Paul L. Dunn at (305) 995-3782 or e-mail .


Contact: Paul L. Dunn ( 305-995-3782 )
Department: Information Technology Services