Briefing ID #: 1787

ALL SCHOOL BASED TECHNICIANS - Restating the Purpose of the ITS Tipping Point Deployment

Audience:  All Principals/APs, Microsystems Technicians
Due Date: n/a
Meeting Date: n/a

Restating the ITS deployment of intrusion protection devices to all school locations as described in Weekly Briefing #1549 posted on 1/11/2007.

Technical details regarding Tipping Point deployment:

  • The Tipping Poing Model X505 will be connected to the school LAN
  • Provides the school with local IPS technology
    • Prevents attacks from other schools or administrative offices
    • Quarantines all infected desktops located in your school
    • Prevents infected desktops from accessing the MDCPS WAN and internet
  • Will not interfere with any existing LAN or WAN traffic other than checking, identifying and quarantining the infected desktops
  • Once properly installed, it will display on the District console accordingly

How it will be installed:

  • Will be installed by United Data Technologies (UDT) staff
  • UDT will contact your school to schedule a time when they can visit and when you, the school technician, is available
  • No action will be required on your part, however, we recommend that you be present to answer questions and to have an awareness of this device
  • Once installed, the device will be managed by ITS; similar to the way the site router is done
  • Under no circumstances should you, the school technician do any of the following unless specifically directed by authorized ITS staff:
    • alter the placement of the device
    • power down the device
    • plug any other cables into the device
    • remove any cables from the device
  • If the a school does not have a permanent school technician or the school utilizes the shared technician model, ITS will be present during the installation process
  • Deployment is being done on a Regional Center by Regional Center basis starting with Regional Center 1

Questions or concerns should be directed to Tom Sims, Director of Network Services at

Contact: Tom Sims ( 305-995-3604 )
Department: Information Technology Services