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Data Security and Systems Access
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All Principals/APs, All Administrative Offices



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The security of student, business, and personnel data, as well as having reliable access to that data is CRITICAL to the operation of the District. It is important that the following best practices and policies be adhered to:



It is the responsibility of all Quad A authorizing administrators to ensure that access to applications be provided carefully and include only those authorizations required by staff to discharge their job responsibilities. The RACF authorizations report must be reviewed MONTHLY for appropriate access, dated and signed by the AAAA Administrator, and filed for audit review. Visit this LINK for instructions on how to access the RACF report for your location.

  • WGBM (Grade Book Manager) and WGBA (Grade Book Attendance Manager) - a maximum of 5 staff approvers may be granted access, as defined below:
    • Principal
    • Assistant Principal
    • Registrar or individual acting as Registrar
    • One primary Gradebook Manager/Attendance Manager (instructional or clerical staff ONLY)
    • One clerical staff member selected by the Principal
  • WGBM/WGBA access must be limited to administrators, instructional, or clerical personnel ONLY. This excludes personnel such as, but not limited to:
  • Network technicians
  • Security staff
  • Bus drivers
  • Cafeteria staff
  • Custodial staff
  • ISIS-ACAD GRD/TRACE UPD (Grades update in CICS): This authorization is limited to the Principal, one Assistant Principal, and one Registrar. See Weekly Briefing #1120 for more information.
  • AAAA (Quad A): This authorization is STRICTLY for the use of administrative personnel, defined as Principals, Administrators at the Director level or above at non-school site locations, or the highest ranking Administrator of work sites not having a Director or above.
    • This authorization CANNOT BE DELEGATED.
    • Please review the QUAD A user manual for more information.

The items noted above are subject to audit by the Office of Management and Compliance Audits at any time.



Luis Baluja ( 305-995-1318 )


Office of Management and Compliance Audits