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Audit and Budget Advisory Committee (ABAC) Members
ABAC members (and their alternates) are appointed by each School Board Member, the Superintendent, and the President of the PTA/PTSA.
Term Expires
Appointed By

Mr. Erick Wendelken, CPA


Mr. Kimrey Newlin
Nov 2018

Ms. Perla Tabares Hantman

School Board Chair, District 4

Mr. Christopher Norwood, J.D.

Vice Chair

Dr. Freddie Young
Nov 2018

Dr. Dorothy Bendross-Mindingall

School Board Member, District 2

Mr. Jeffrey Codallo
Ms. Christa Dean
Nov 2018

Dr. Lawrence S. Feldman

School Board Member , District 9

Mr. Stephen Hunter Johnson, Esq.

Ms. Mary Lee Snipes
Nov 2018

Dr. Steve Gallon, III

School Board Member, District 1

Mr. Jeff Kaufman
Mr. Javier A. Lopez
Nov 2018

Dr. Marta Pèrez

School Board Member, District 8

Mr. Albert D. Lopez, CPA
Mr. Ernie Saumell
Nov 2018

Ms. Lubby Navarro

School Board Member, District 7

Mr. Julio C. Miranda, CPA, CFE

Nov 2018

Ms. Mari Tere Rojas

School Board Member, District 6

Mr. Rudy Rodriguez, CPA
Mr. Juan Carlos del Valle
Nov 2018

Ms. Susie V. Castillo

School Board Member, District 5

Ms. Mari Tere Rojas

School Board Member

Ms. Perla Tabares Hantman

School Board Chair

Nov 2018

Ms. Perla Tabares Hantman

School Board Chair, District 4

Mr. Isaac Salver, CPA
Mr. Stephen Korn
Nov 2018

Dr. Martin Karp

School Board Vice Chair, District 3

Mr. Juan Del Busto
Nov 2018

Mr. Alberto M. Carvalho


Mr. Ron Steiger, CFO

(Non-voting member)

Dr. Nancy Lawther
Dr. Lisa Robertson
July 2020

Dr. Nancy Lawther


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